Directors Board of Alaedin Travel

Amir Hassan Jafari, born in 1980, holding a master degree in tourism and owning 17 years’ experience of tour operating is the chairman of the board and the CEO of Alaedin. Atousa Goudarzian, born in 1982, holding a master degree in handicrafts and owning 8 years’ experience of tour operating is the vice chairman of Alaedin Travel which is a voyages tour and travel services company. The company’s main purpose is to attract tourists from all around the world to visit Iran and to do so, the directors’ board of Alaedin has various plans. The tourism industry is on the rise and the future world would seem meaningless without it. Alterations and progresses of tourism industry during the last years indicate a bright future in this field. Constructing new hotels in each and every destinations of Iran, even off the beaten path, and renovating the other hotels show a turning point in this field. Alaedin is trying to take benefit from young and educated staff in order to have a professional tour operating system.
Amir Hassan Jafari
Alaedin Travel Chairman of the board and CEO
Amir Hassan is the CEO and founder of Alaedin Travel. He was born on the first day of winter and has started his activity in the field of tourism in the tourism office of Tabriz University in 2000. Operating university tours made his dreams come true. Amir Hassan holds a master degree in tourism and was the executive manager of Ghodsgasht from 2005 to 2009, then he established Marcopolo Iran touring Company in December 2009. After exploring more than 30 countries, having active presence in international markets and exhibitions and teaching at Tourism University for many years, he decided to give life to Alaedin Travel as the most professional travel services company in Iran. He did this great job on December 6, 2016.

Atousa Goudarzian
Alaedin Travel Vice Chairman & Head of the Incoming Department
Atousa is in charge of incoming department as well as being the vice chairman of Alaedin Travel. She was the deputy manager of Marcopolo Iran touring Company for 7 years. Her talents and potentials made her establish the incoming department of Marcopolo. She is professional at planning Iran tours for other nationalities and can speak English and French fluently. She holds a master degree in handicrafts from Art University. She also passed the tour guiding courses with flying colors. Visiting over 30 countries and a great deal of experience in management changed her into a professional expert in tourism industry.

Management Department of Alaedin Travel

Amir Hossein Jafari, the CEO and the chairman of the board along with Atousa Goudarzian, the vice chairman, Mehrdad Shirafkan, the general manager and acting director being responsible for every duties in the absence of the chairman, Mehrdad Malekian, the assistant director doing every affairs out of the company and Mehrnoush Barzi, the office manager and her assistant who follow up all the meetings, conferences and calls, are the members of the management department of Alaedin Travel.
Alaedin Travel General Manager
Mehrdad Malekian
Alaedin Travel Assistant Director
Mehrdad was a great companion for Amir Hassan, he is working as the assistant director of Alaedin at the moment. Mehrdad was very keen on tourism industry and started his work as the executive manager of Safar Magazine and traveled to every part of Iran. He met Amir Hassan in tour guiding classes and became a professional tour guide. His creativity in operating tours caused him start his work in Marcopolo Iran touring Company. He is in Alaedin from the very first day of establishment and accompanies the manager in many activities such as participating in meetings, marketing, debt conducting, taking part in domestic exhibitions and etc.
Yeganeh Mansoori
Alaedin Travel Office Manager
Yegana Mansouri is a young member of the Alaedin Travels team. She was born in 1994 and is a student of polymer engineering. She loves oil paintings on canvas, is a professional book reader and plays piano well. She speaks English well and is fluent in accounting. She has worked for many years in various companies being office, contract and reservation manager and has now come to gain experience in a knowledge-based company. Yeganeh Mansouri's interest in the tourism and travel industry introduced her to Alaedin Travel and joined this young and energetic team. She is now the office manager and is managing and planning meetings and other activities. Managing meetings, contacts, and following up the CEO schedule are also her tasks.
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Incoming Tour Department of Alaedin Travel

Nowadays, people around the world are making great efforts to introduce their countries and tourist attractions to other nations. Iran which owns 21 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, needs great attempts for being introduced, so the incoming department of Alaedin Travel Services Company was established and hopes to play an important role in attracting tourists. Marketing experts of the incoming department fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages are doing their best to provide novel itineraries for tour operators overseas under the guidance of Ms. Atousa Goudarzian, the head of this department. Having active presence in world markets and tourism exhibitions are among their responsibilities.
Paria Dehnavi
Alaedin Travel Spanish Speaking Sales and Marketing Expert
Paria is a big Spanish culture lover. This love made her study Spanish Language so she can be in close connection with people from this vast area of the world. She entered Alaedin just because she loves learning about different cultures, visiting tourist attractions and meeting new people. She believes that tourism brings happiness and freedom. These days, she is busy planning tours for Spanish speaking tourists and she is doing it in a very pleasant way you never forget.

Marketing Department of Alaedin Travel

Alaedin Travel provides all kinds of services in trip and tourism industry for passengers, travel agencies and companies. Incoming, outgoing, online hotel reservation, domestic hotels, Iran tour, CIP and ceremonial services, domestic and international ticket departments are some active departments of Alaedin Travel. Market Development Department is the connecting way of clients with different sections. Answering the questions about how to use our website and solving possible problems are some of the responsibilities of this department. Major clients such as reservation websites, companies and travel agencies could benefit from our special discount by requesting sign from this group. The team also makes our clients acquainted with all departments of Alaedin Travel.

Outgoing Tour Department of Alaedin Travel

Alaedin Travel has great plans for traveling abroad. Being in line with the latest standards in tours, proper service providing in different destinations, comfortable flights with preferably short connections, companion of Persian speaking tour guides form Iran and cooperating with qualified tour operators from around the world are the items available in their current schedule. This department offers group tours to Russia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Chili, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, South Africa, India, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Finland and exhibition tours in different fields such as textile, construction, pharmaceutical, furniture and so on to different destinations.
Hasti Parvizi
Alaedin Travel Sales and Marketing Expert of Outgoing Tours
Hasti was graduated in English Language. She entered the tourism industry because of her love of traveling to all around the world. She is vegetarian and supporters of animal rights and believes that traveling and silence are the best tranquilizers. She thinks that her mom and her job are the reasons of her happy life. She loves communicating with different people and passed many courses of yoga and meditation. A year of living and working in Istanbul made her gain a lot of experiences. She is currently working in the outgoing department of Alaedin Travel and her patience caused our customers to trust her and then enjoy a fabulous trip.

Flight & Train Ticket Department of Alaedin Travel

To achieve its goals, Alaedin has cooperating contracts with all domestic and international airlines and the tickets are issued with YATA code. Consulting you about choosing the best airline with the best price is among the responsibilities of flight ticket department. Domestic airlines such as Iran Air, Mahan Air, Aseman, Kish Air, Qeshm Air, Iran Airtour, Caspian, Taban, ATA, Zagros, Atrak, Meraj, Saha, Naft and Fars Air Qeshm and international airlines including Lufthansa, Austrian, Turkish, Air France, KLM, British Airways, Alitalia, Pegasus, Emirates, Thai Airways, Fly Dubai, Atlas Jet, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Gulf Air, Qatar Airway and Aeroflot are the airlines we signed contract with.
Sahar Daneshvari
Alaedin Travel Technical Manager of Flight Ticket
Sahar has a cheerful character, she loves music and plays harp and the piano. She loves art and she’s good at making handicrafts, she gets relaxed with doing so. She holds a bachelors degree in business management but her interest in tourism industry caused her to spend about nine years in this field. Her frequent trips to different parts and passing ticketing courses have changed her into a professional expert . now she’s working in our company and provides our clients with the best deals in flights, you can trust her.
Besharat Goudarzi
Alaedin Travel Sales Expert of Domestic Flight
She holds a bachelor degree in industrial engineering and a master degree in executive engineering. She was born in summer and believes that art can define the life. She loves plays, movies and music and her hubby is to travel to nature. Her love of traveling took her to tourism industry. she has also passed some ticketing courses and after a year of working in another travel agency she joined our company and she found our team very friendly. She does her best to ensure our clients when they are buying tickets in domestic routes. Answering online requests for buying tickets and other clients are among her responsibilities.
Shirin Kamranfar
Alaedin Travel Sales Expert of International Flight
Shirin Kamranfar was born in September, 1989, and is graduated in management education. She is inherently a girl who loves art and according to her, she does not miss any movie and play. Shirin loves musical instrument, especially the Setar, and perhaps because of her artistic interest, she has entered the world of tourism since 2007 to meet her ambitious goals and wishes. During these years, Shirin successfully completed ticketing course and having received an international certificate from Mehrabad Airport and is active in tourism industry since 2008. In her field of work and in dealing with customers, she is always very kind and patient. Now Shirin cooperates as an expert in international flights ticket department of Alaedin Travel. She is ready to respond to customers in order to make a memorable flight for them.
Alaedin Travel Sales Expert of International Flight

Iran Hotel Reservation Department of Alaedin Travel

Booking a hotel all around Iran is considered as a big deal for travel agencies, travelers, organizations and companies. Conducting all information about a hotel in only a single form and searching a hotel upon the tastes and desires of travelers were important reasons for the establishment of Alaedin Online Hotel Reservation System as a part of Website. You can select a hotel based on your opinions and enjoy our attractive filtration. You can filter your choice by the grade, price, and distance to the attractions or airport and so many other factors. Having a pool or tennis court may seem important to you, we have everything arranged for you here in our website.
Tina lajevardi
Alaedin Travel Head of Iran Hotel Reservation Department
Tina graduated from college in accounting and has experience in management. She joined Alaedin Travel as it was established. During this short period of time, She visited and analyzed almost all hotels in every part of Iran and this has changed her into a professional expert in hotels .Tina got promoted so fast due to her talents and patience. She currently manages hotel reservation team.Trusting her and her team in finding a proper accommodation you surely will experience something unique. Tina is magnificently careful and loves to analyze financial invoices. She can easily solve complex matters and has a solution for everything. This young lady is running the hotel reservation team so professionally.
Faegheh Farahani Rad
Alaedin Travel Assistant Director of Iran Hotel Reservation Department
Faegheh started her cooperation with Amir Hassan as the office manager of Marcopolo Company, her talent and knowledge were the reasons that Alaedin team invited her to work in their company. She holds a bachelor degree in English translation. To be honest, there is no tours in Iran that she does not know about and this awareness changed her into the supervisor of the relevant department. Faegheh is responsible for A to Z of domestic tours. Nearly all travelers who prefer to travel with Alaedin honor her behavior and common sense. Listening to music and working out are among her favorite activities.
Parastoo Fallahi
Alaedin Travel Supervisor of Iran Hotels Reservation
Parastoo was born in 1991 and studied tourism. Since her childhood, she has been into traveling and historical monuments. She started to work in tourism industry as soon as she entered university. After working in hotel reservation sites for many years, she joined Amir Hassan’s team. Nowadays, she is active in south and center hotel reservation department of Alaedin. Parastoo is well aware of the services and amenities available at the hotels in these areas so she can help you by all her means.
Fatemeh Foroughmand
Alaedin Travel Supervisor of Iran Hotels Reservation
Fatemeh was born to an educated family in London. She adores traveling and watching sea and sky. Although she has studied Petroleum Engineering, she was keeping on working in tourism industry due to her love of travel. She is so active, very friendly and helpful and has great perseverance. She is currently working in Tehran hotel reservation department of Alaedin and can recommend several hotels with different grades and amenities. She knows everything which is considered important for travelers in their selection.
Niloufar Motallebi
Alaedin Travel Supervisor of Iran Hotels Reservation
Niloufar was born under a blue sky of an autumn day in 1992. She holds a bachelor degree in chemistry and her love of travelling, listening to music and mountain climbing led her to a magic life. She joined Alaedin to see a new side of trips. Niloufar is responsible for hotel reservation in Shiraz and Isfahan. She can book you a nice room with great amenities and facilities as well as reasonable prices such as a luxurious room in a lovely hotel.
Alaedin Travel Supervisor of Iran Hotels Reservation
Afsane was born in autumn and maybe that’s why she loves discovering nature, reading books and adventure trips. That is probably why Afsane chooses to study tourism management academically so she could obtain her undergraduate degree at the university. She has made many efforts to achieve her goals and aspirations over the years. She has been working in travel and tourism industry since 2007 and has now joined Alaedin Travel Company as an outgoing tour expert. She is a professional expert in her favorite job and has always been able to make travelers happy and loyal to the organization. Afsane is a kind, and pessimist girl and you can get the best advice from her when booking a tour or hotel abroad.

Domestic Tour Department of Alaedin Travel

Extraordinarily eye catching Iran shining like a pearl is an opportunity for planning tours to each and every part of this tremendous territory. The domestic tours department has already planned over 100 different itineraries to visit this wonderful land, for instance, domestic tours with the companion of professional tour guides by either tourist bus, train or airplane, special tours for companies, spiritual tours, ceremonial tours, organizational tours to different destinations, prize tours, student tours and tours for Iranians living abroad. Planning and operating tours from different cities to different destinations, pricing and following up individual tours to all around Iran are among the responsibilities of this department.
Alaedin Travel Operation Manager of Iran Tours

CIP Department of Alaedin Travel

Planning to hold conferences, seminars, meetings, reunions, ceremonies and workshops in hotels’ halls, being greatly aware of restaurants and their marketing and reservation for groups and our special clients and travel agencies, following up the process of obtaining permission for events, arranging singers, show men and music groups, holding domestic exhibitions for companies and organizations, renting every means of transportation such as cars, buses and helicopters and airport CIP and VIP services are among the responsibilities of this department.
Tanaz Zand
Alaedin Travel Head of Ceremonial Services
Tannaz Zand, born in Shahrivar, received her undergraduate degree in hotel management and entered the hotel and tourism industry as a result of her education and interest. She specializes in ceremonial work and has 5 years of formal ceremonial experience at the Ferdowsi Grand International Hotel. She has also been teaching lectures, ceremonies and courtesy of the Specialty Principal of the Tehran Hoteliers Union for over 5 years. There is also a good track record of consulting and setting up a hotel, a café and various restaurants. She loves volunteering in charity and is very interested in socializing and communicating with people and meeting their desires; she is a real risk taker, and enjoys challenging and complex tasks. Tannaz joined Alaedin Travel team in pursuit of her goals and is now in charge of the Alaedin Travel ceremonial services team

E-Marketing Department of Alaedin Travel

Considering the advent of global village and the widespread of internet, traveling has changed dramatically during recent years. People are normally inspired by videos and pictures in different websites and Social Medias. They also prefer to reserve everything online. E- Marketing department of Alaedin Travel has the responsibility to update different parts of our website such as hotel’s information and pictures, Iran’s tourist attractions, culture and customs. This team is also in contact with our clients through social media. Generally, supporting all online activities is the duty of E- Marketing department.
Alaedin Travel Supervisor of Isfahan & Shiraz Hotels Reservation
Shima Orooji
Alaedin Travel E-Marketing Expert
Shima was born in the first month of autumn in 1987. When she was a child, she was going to be an engineer but when she got older, she found out that she has a knack for languages. She made up her mind to study different languages and cultures for the rest of her life. Shima holds a master degree in English language and has taught English for many years. To achieve her goal, she joined Alaedin and now is accompanying E marketing team. All English translation of our website and brochures is done by her. She is completely aware that working in Alaedin means making dreams of tourism and traveling come true.
Marzieh Eghbali
Alaedin Travel E-Marketing Expert
Marzieh was born in the spring in 1992, she holds a master degree in tourism management and her love of traveling and nature led her to the world of tourism. She is currently working in the E marketing department of Alaedin Travel. She always thinks of progress and this was the reason for her emigration to Tehran and thus adding to her skills. She believes that everything is possible and optimism is the key to success. She is perfect in writing essays and texts about the attractions of both Iran and other destinations of the world. Nowadays, she is busy providing context for our website.
Mehrshid Shirafkan
Alaedin Travel E-Marketing Expert
Mehrshid holds a bachelor degree in geology and now is studying master of petrology. She was born in 1995 to a navy father. The discipline of living under the control of a kind father made her interested in accounting and although her course is irrelevant, she is working in the financial department of Alaedin since its establishment. When she was a child, she loved swimming and won a few swimming contest. She also plays tennis and dart. Nowadays, she controls bank accounts, checks and invoices. Answering clients in the case of asking financial questions is one but not all of her responsibilities.
Reza Mostafavi
Alaedin Travel Network Administrator
Reza has started his work in the computer field since 2000, although his first serious job in the field was in 2009 in cooperation with Qaemshahr University. Later, he has passed many courses in technology and IT run by Information Committee due to his passion and interest in this field. He has experienced working in some organizations such as Iran Parliament and Stock Market. At the moment he is cooperating with knowledge based company of Alaedin Travel and uses his experience and knowledge in order to ease the later developments under the guidance of Amir Hossein Jafari, the head.
Alaedin Travel Graphic Designer
Alaedin Travel E-Marketing Expert

Financial Affairs Department of Alaedin Travel

Financial department of Alaedin Travel with its hardworking members is trying to provide the clients with the most detailed invoices without any problems. Our invoices are designed in a way that include everything with every description. Financial affairs of hotels, airlines, companies and other clients are analyzed so carefully. Following up taxes, payments, debt conducting and issuing invoices are the duties of this department.
Azade Sabzeha
Alaedin Travel Financial Expert
Azadeh is an active and intelligent girl born in spring in 1995. She has traveled a lot and is completely familiar with eco tours and desert tours. She played basketball as a kid and loves excitement now. Getting acquainted with Alaedin team and her interest in learning caused her settle in Alaedin Travel. Her knowledge of accounting and good communication skill are the reasons for her membership in our financial department. Following up financial accounts, registering payments, updating financial system and analyzing invoices and price changes are among her responsibilities.
Alaedin Travel Messenger
Mehdi is currently a university student; he studies relationships. He has over 12 years experience in tourism industry and is working in Alaedin Travel these days as the mailman. Delivering letters, documents and packages to our different customers is among her responsibilities. He also has the certificate of customer services and that’s may be because of his kind and helpful manner.
Alaedin Travel Financial Expert
Hooria Haghir, Born in February 1993, is currently working as an accounting expert at Alaedin Travel financial sector. She is a girl who loves sports and has continued her career as a sports director for three years, along with her educational and career pursuits. Hooria has a keen interest in travel and tourism, especially in the coastal and tropical countries, and this has led her to enter the tourism industry and to pursue her many-year-old interests and aspirations in the financial services sector. In the financial team of Alaedin Travel, she is now a powerful and energetic accountant of large corporations and agencies, arranging financial accounts, collecting claims and so on

CRM Department of Alaedin Travel

As the name says, the CRM department of Alaedin Travel is responsible for taking care of customer relationships and related tasks. To be in touch with our customers, they monitor tours, hotel and flight reservations and other services provided by the company. Each customer will be a member of our club after purchasing the first service and would enjoy its benefits. The responsibilities of the CRM department include: calling all the passengers and asking for the possible problems and their suggestions, controlling the process of operating tours, sending happy birthday calls to the passengers, visiting aged passengers, motivating the clients to use our online services, giving advice to the passengers, issuing member cards with different grades ranging from 5 star to 1 star for the passengers, sending special offers to our clients and etc.

IT Department of Alaedin Travel

Nowadays all major companies own a department called IT that runs a great deal of online activities of a business. IT department of Alaedin Travel is responsible for all the tasks that are relevant to information technology and that includes the software, hardware and even brain ware and organization ware. The department was established to provide technical support for the website and all the dependent tasks done by this service. In case you come across any kind of difficulties during working through Alaedin Travel website, the IT department will solve the problem in a blink of an eye. It is also important to mention that the services of web service system of Alaedin Travel is among the responsibility of the mentioned department that you could gain benefit from and in the near future, our white label would also be available.

Travel Charity Department of Alaedin Travel

Talking about charity, we seldom think of travel, people mostly think of supplying foods, clothing, housing and others as charity works and there are numerous organizations active in these fields. Travel charity department was established along with Alaedin Travel for the first time in Iran to present the nice feeling of taking trips for those who cannot afford it. Experiencing the awes of life through trips and visiting the attractions and natural beauties of the world is the outcome of this department.

Night Shift Department of Alaedin Travel

Due to the fact that our clients need to be in contact with different departments of Alaedin Travel, we decided to raise our work hours. Our night shift is active till midnight on weekdays, 6 p.m. on Thursdays and 3 p.m. on Fridays. The staff is ready to provide passengers will all kinds of travel services such as issuing tickets, reserving hotels and tours. Our night shift is doing their best to suggest our clients with the best deals.