Marina Park Hotel in Kish 

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Accommodation Highlights
In an area of more than ten acres in astonishing spacious space, Marina Hotel represents plenty of amenities and services exclusively for its valued guests. Surprising requisite amenities such as bike riding around the hotel, fitness center, tennis court for sports lovers and those who care about their fitness, scuba diving for those who are curious about under water amazing world, jet skiing for those who are wishing to experience full excitement by delicate breeze on their faces, well-appointed swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa to feel rejuvenated, tea bar in an attractive atmosphere and other facilities yet to be listed, make Marina Park unique in its kind. Last but not least, tourists may enjoy Thai massage to obtain absolute comfort and relaxation. Marina Park Hotel has reputation for its different types of rooms overlooking to its eye catching park or coral Persian Gulf as a plus to the private beach to bring tremendous opportunity for having an elegant stay. Invigorating energy of impressive restaurants in dynamic Kish from the indulgent comfort of Marina Park will be discovered by tourists. Marina Park Hotel ensures highly respected guests to fulfill all expectations in various aspects by the help of fully energized educated staff and also management group.

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