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Iran Hotels : 1079 hotel

    5 Star (85)
    4 Star (201)
    3 Star (414)
    2 Star (193)
    1 Star (101)
No Stars (76)

700,000 17,500,000

Hotel (742)
Apartment Hotel (157)
Traditional Hotel (60)
Ecolodge (30)
Guest House (23)
Traditional House (17)
Accommodation Complex (13)
Forest Hotel (4)
Motel (4)
Local House (4)

Breakfast (807)
Fullboard (31)
Half board (7)
No meal (10)

High-speed Internet (749)
Lobby (736)
Restaurant in Hotel (718)
Free Breakfast (682)
Coffee Shop (661)
Praying Room (635)
Air Conditioning (614)
Elevator (596)
Dry Cleaning/Laundry Service (595)
Taxi Center (590)

Refrigerator (849)
Toilet Seat (847)
Bathroom (831)
Shower (804)
LCD TV (760)
Wi-Fi Internet (743)
Toilet Table (623)
Hair dryer (589)
Mini-bar (542)
Squat Toilet (491)

Excellent - Top 4.5 (945)
Excellent - Top 4 (110)
Well-Top 3.5 (10)
Acceptable - Top 3 (5)
No rating - Under 3 (9)

Tourist Hotel Group (46)
Parsian Hotel Group (22)
Arya Hotels Group (10)
Helia Hotel Group (7)
Pars Hotel Group (7)
Kowsar Hotels Group (6)
Homa Hotel Group (5)
Laleh International Hotel Group (5)
Kimia Hotels Group (4)
Mehr Chain Hotels (4)

From 2012 till now (337)
From 2002 to 2011 (292)
From 1992 to 2001 (113)
From 2000 to 1982 (29)
Befor 1981 (155)

More than 500 Rooms (1)
From 401 to 500 Rooms (1)
From 301 to 400 (7)
From 201 to 300 (24)
From 101 to 200 (76)
From 51 to 100 (211)
From 26 to 50 (294)
Less than 25 Rooms (349)

Many people travel to Iran every year because of several reasons and that is because Iran is a vast country with a rich culture and magnificent climate and nature. Hosting many historical attractions as well as natural beauties could be some of the reasons that travelers travel to Iran for; but that is not all, many other travelers take a trip to Iran because of other reasons such as Iran religious attractions or maybe because of receiving medical services.
For almost all travelers, accommodation is an important part of a trip and many countries with a great number of visitors have a collection of different types of accommodation units; in this case, Iran is not an exception. Iran hotels are ranging from 5 star hotels to the guest houses and boutique hotels. Join us to get a closer look at the type of accommodation you could benefit from during your Iran tour.
It is important to mention that almost all cities of Iran owns perfect luxury hotels as well as 5 start hotels, these Iran’s 5 star hotels are all constructed and managed according to the standards of the tourism industry of the world. Although the hotels provide their guests with everything they need, we have to take it into consideration that Iran is an Islamic country and serving alcohol in its hotels is forbidden; so apart from that, every other service are made available for the guests. In case you would like to experience a very comfortable stay but not in a 5 star hotel, you have a great collection of 4 star hotels in Iran too; so don’t worry about that, it is clear that a so called hotel does not have all the available services in a top 5 star one or a luxury one, but that does not mean that you will feel any problems.
Apart from four and five star hotels, Iran hotels collection consists of 3 star hotels as well. The hotel prices in this range and category is going to be more reasonable because of the number of services they provide their guests with; but keep that in your mind that they only differ in the number of services but not in the quality, so a 3 star hotel would fulfill all your demands that other 3 star hotels in the world would do.
In addition to these three types of hotels we have already talked about, there also are some other hotels that are considered as the budget hotels in Iran which are rated among 2 and 1 star hotels. They are proper choices for those who prefer to spend not much money for their accommodation during their trip to Iran.
All that are mentioned are the members of hotel collection of Iran. The availability of another type of accommodation unit called guests houses provide Iran tourists with a kind of cheap hotel in Iran so they could have their trips as cheap as possible. The Iran hotel prices vary from each to another and the prices are highly depending on the types of services they provide as well as their geographical location.
As it was already mentioned, Iran has a very rich culture and that is because it is a very historical country. This history is probably the reason for the existence of a type of accommodation called traditional houses which are today turned into hotels and provide accommodation facilities. They all retain their historical atmosphere and architecture; meanwhile they are in line with the updated travel services of the world. Boutique hotels are other category of accommodation units in Iran that are also cozy places with state of the art facilities. They usually have limited number of rooms and these limited numbers look really different from the other types. Boutique Hotels in Iran could in some cases provide their guests with services available in a 5 star hotel in Iran; they also have the opportunity to provide traditional foods for tradition lovers just like traditional houses in Iran.
Another type which could really seem amazing is the caravanserais. Caravanserai is a kind of accommodation that is normally located in the desert and could serve desert goers. They consist of several different rooms next to each other around a big yard which is in the middle. That truly resembles the traditional lifestyle of Iranian traders. They were almost always on the way between the states and these caravanserais where the places they settle for a while during their trip.
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