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Let’s start our discussion by medical tourism definition; Health Tourism, also known as Medical Tourism, refers to traveling to other countries with the purpose of seeking treatment or surgeries both medically and cusmetically. Alaedin Travel Agency, relying on its founder’s experience in tourism industry, attending international tourism exhibitions, being familiar with all kinds of travel markets, and enjoying professional connections with physicians and experts in the field of medicine and cosmetic treatments since 2000, offers various medical travel services. It is noteworthy that medical tourism department in Alaedin Travel Agency offers distinguished services to foreign guests with the help of young and expert employees. We assure you maximum comfort and convenience, plus reliable and high-quality services with Alaedin Travel professional team that aims to fulfill all your needs within the realm of medical tourism services and even beyond. It is noted that all the departments in Alaedin Travel, from ticket to tours as well as hotel reservation, are all in our medical tourism department to offer an outstanding medical tourism package.   
Thanks to our two-decade experience in tourism industry, we have a great knowledge about the potentials of our country that are of great value in health tourism. These include healthcare cities, also known as health villages or to be more exact, health tourism destinations, mineral springs, and mud baths, that you can experience health tourism services in the absence of physicians. In medical tourism services, you will experience high-quality treatment in our modern clinics and private hospitals with our board-certified and skillful surgeons.  
Alaedin Travel offers a wide range of treatments in medical tourism including hair transplant, liposuction, nose job, and infertility treatment. Our intentions in Alaedin Travel in medical tourism field are:
introducing potentials in tourism and medical tourism field to foreign customers,
developing and improving infrastructure for offering a to z of  tourism services to customers,
developing and improving infrastructure for offering a to z of medical services to patients,
developing and improving infrastructure for offering a to z of  cosmetic services to patients,
improving Iran’s position in medical tourism relying on providing optimum services in accordance with international standards,
introducing Iranian skillful doctors,
introducing Iranian special and sub-special clinics,
Hotel reservation, ticket, and booking medical appointment in clinics.
Iran is an improving country in the field of medical tourism. Experienced and skillful physicians and surgeons, cutting-edge medical equipment and modern hospitals, competitive prices, numerous tourist attractions, along with exciting restaurants and hotels are all among the many reasons that make Iran a suitable and distinguished medical tourism destination in the region. Iran’s neighboring countries, including Iraq, Oman, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Afghanistan are among the target markets for medical tourism. It is noted that the competitive and reasonable prices along with high quality of medical services in Iran has made Iran a great power in the region in this field.
The story starts from this point that everyone from anywhere in the whole world who wants to benefit from medical tourism services considering cosmetic or medical purposes, can choose Iran. In medical services, you can benefit from medical tourism for IVF (it is needless to say that Iran boasts more than 50 fertility clinics), medical tourism for dental implants and eye care services. And if you simply want to benefit from cosmetic surgeries, and want to choose among a variety of cosmetic options, Iran is the best destination for nose job, liposuction, weight loss, hair transplant and anything you can ever imagine!
Based on the type of services  you need, that is medical or cosmetic, you will receive consultation or treatment advice by Alaedin Travel professional team, and then you will be introduced to expert physicians and special and sub-special clinics, while offering a whole package comprising cost of services. The package includes transfer from the airport, interpreter, visa, hotel (all with the most reasonable prices), and more. The medical procedure starts the day after the patient is transferred from the airport to the hotel. It is also noted that an itinerary will be defined for the patients according to his/her interests and physical condition.
It should also be added that besides Tehran, you can enjoy all the mentioned services (a to z of medical services) in other major cities like Mashhad, Isfahan, Tabriz and Shiraz.
Medical tourism hospitals in Iran are all with high quality and provide the patients with almost the most updated medical procedures in the area. That is not the only point; as a medical tourist, you could take benefit from all the mentioned medical tourism procedures and services with a reasonable price in comparison to your home country and many other countries that provide the same kind of services with same quality. 
We highly recommend that you visit our website for tourist attractions and medical tourism services as well as medical tourism destination. The information on medical tourism services is available in different languages including Persian, English, Arabic, Spanish, German and French. To start, just fill out the form and click send! We did our best to play the role of a medical tourism facilitator for those who are in need of medical tourism.