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Iran : 1269 Attractions

Cultural Attractions (702)
Natural Attractions (225)
Other Attractions (62)
Recreational Attractions (56)

UNESCO World Heritage Site (38)

0 24

0 8000

Museum (116)
Tomb and graveyard (62)
Park (56)
Historical Building (52)
Mosque (49)
Village (48)
Bazaar (45)
Bridge (26)
Area (24)
Castle or Citadel (23)

Waterfall (39)
Lake (25)
cave (24)
Mountain (22)
Spring (22)
Forest (19)
Canyon & Valley (14)
Wetland and Lagoon (14)
Desert (8)
River (8)

Recreation center (26)
Cafe and Restaurant (7)
Ski Resort (5)
Telecabin (5)
Hiking Trails (4)
Water Park (3)
Zoo (3)
Amusement Park (1)
Aquarium (1)
Camping (1)

Business center (25)
Dam (14)
Other (7)
wharf (7)
Port (6)
Water tunnel (2)

Rich history, many historical cities, ancient bazaars being as old as many thousands years, eye catching breathtaking historical monuments and awesome natural sceneryare only a small part of the beauties of the heaven called Iran. The collection of awes available in Iran has always attracted the attention of many visitors and persuade them to treat themselves with a wonderful journey to the land of Persia. The capital city of Iran, Tehran, is the biggest city of this country and is the most visited city as well. Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan, Tabriz, Mashhad and Hamadan are some of the other famous and popular cities that have a great deal of attractions. Iran owns 22 attractions listed by UNESCO as the World Heritage sites and worth visiting such as Persepolis, the Persian Garden and Qanat and many other ones. To enjoy a joyful trip to Iran, join Alaedin Travel.