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Human being has always been interested in traveling and that is probably the most fundamental reason for the creation of an industry called tourism. Among all the active sections in this industry, those who try their best to beautifully combine their experiences with the awes of the lands they are showing the tourists are the pioneers. Being established on the verge of 2017 by Amir Hossein Jafari and his lifelong companion, Alaedin Travel Company is based on a very fruitful twenty year old experience in the tourism industry. This shinny experience made the company and its staff, as well as its directing board completely aware of the pros and cons of tourism and tours so they could be said to be able to plan almost perfect itineraries to almost all destinations of the world.   Many years of journey and leading scores of tours have made the company most acquainted with its homeland and accompanying foreign travelers in Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Tabriz, and other cities has left them a treasure chest of sweet memories.
The company has gained valuable experiences having its director as the CEO of Gogad Co from 2005 to 2009. Next, in 2010, he founded Marcopolo Iran touring Company, which provided travel services to American, European, and Asian tourists. The ITB in Berlin, FITUR in Madrid, VAKANTIEBEURS in Utrecht, FERIEN in Vienna, TOP RESA in Paris, EMITT in Istanbul, BIT in Milano, COTTM in Beijing and ATM in Dubai were some of the international venues where the company had active presence and delivered services to thousands of foreign tourists. Then, he decided to introduce Alaedin Travel brand to the international tourism industry as the face of the most qualified services they look for. At Alaedin, the marketing and operating teams are by your side with better services than ever.
The director has done his best not only to improve the tourism industry, but also to be an entrepreneur by building up a professional team of highly educated experienced active young adults. The whole team is trying to state a new stage in the tourism industry by applying knowledge based ways in traveling industry. 
The above mentioned factors are only a small part of the activities in Alaedin Travel team, the close connections between the hotel industry and this company has made them able to provide their customers with some kind of unbelievable suggestions considering staying in hotel throughout a tour to Iran. Feel free to join us and explore our travel services, probably you would like to feel the best ones in case you have not done yet.