Rose Traditional Hotel in Yazd 

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Accommodation Highlights
Visiting the historical city of Yazd which is famous for its brick monuments can be a memorable trip. What makes a trip even more enjoyable is to stay in a fascinating accommodation center with the same historic ambiance. Three star Rose Traditional Hotel in Yazd, is the former muddy house in an old district of the city which dates back to Qajar era. Thanks to few numbers of rooms, Rose Traditional Hotel is a cozy accommodation center, providing intimate Iranian hospitality and offers a nostalgic feeling for its guests. Beside the traditional architecture and calm atmosphere, the newly renovated hotel enjoys complete amenities in its restaurant serving a variety of tasty Iranian and international cuisines, café, and traditional teahouse with all kinds of hot and cold beverages, where guests can have a memorable time. Spending an evening in central courtyard of the compact hotel along with pleasant sound of roaring water in the blue tile traditional pool would be a pleasant memory which might complete the mysterious trip of guests to Yazd. The hotel benefits from experienced and friendly staff with amenities, guests would not have any trouble during their stay.

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