Kohan Kashane Hotel in Yazd 

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Accommodation Highlights
Perhaps you have experienced many luxury hotels, try something new that will take you back to the old Yazd lifestyle. In Kohan Kashane Hotel you have an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the ancient Iranian history and lifestyle. This hotel is a three-star hotel and is a historic attraction by itself because of its traditional theme. The hotel is made of muddy bricks and walls with a large rectangle traditional pool in the courtyard surrounded by bushes of flowers. Guests will be able to enjoy the capturing historic view of Yazd from the roof of the hotel. There are 45 beds in 21 rooms in Kohan Kashane Hotel and guests can choose based on their numbers. Every room is well-furnished with complete amenities. Sleep in a comfortable, well-made bed every night of your stay. It is a convenient accommodation with all facilities and amenities provided in rooms and other parts of the hotel which guests might expect from a three-star hotel. Variety of Iranian cuisines and drinks are ready to be served at the restaurant of the hotel. Don’t forget to visit top attractions of Yazd such as Coin Museum, Jame Mosque, a traditional Bazaar, Alexander Prison and Lariha House while staying in Kohan Kashane Hotel.