Shahryar International Hotel in Tabriz 

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Accommodation Highlights
Tabriz as one of the biggest cities in north west of Iran and significant for its culture, politic, industry, commercial and administrative affairs, attracts a lot of tourists, so there is an absolute need to high quality hotels. Shahryar International Hotel, is a magnificent hotel of its kinds. Five star Shahryar Hotel is situated in an area with pleasant weather to create wonderful accommodation for its upper-class guests. Having high level of service-oriented work and highest level of sincerity, Shahryar International Hotel as a special and enchanting haven is for tourists who are interested in constitutional city, Tabriz.
Shahryar International Hotel offers a variety of the best and most completed facilities, 200 well-appointed equipped rooms, multi- purpose conference halls to hold meeting, special services for handy-capped, separate sport complex for men and women, private parking as well as two spacious glorious restaurants serving utmost palatable dishes with unforgettable memory of Turkish cooking skills, collecting to give a lot of satisfaction to guests with different tastes. Another fascinating feature of Shahryar International Hotel Tabriz is its big splendid lobby comprising different stores which attracts the eyes of any new comer. Staying in Shahryar International Hotel Tabriz is offering by Alaedin Tours and Travels feeling essence of true recreation and real enjoyment.

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