Aryo Barzan Hotel in Shiraz 

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Accommodation Highlights
As one of the best four star hotel in Shiraz, Aryo Barzan Hotel is prominent for its unique location at the center of the city of poem and garden, Shiraz. AryoBarzan Hotel, geographically gives the guests enormous opportunity to visit city sites of Shiraz such as Zandyieh, Hafeziyeh, Saadiyeh, Eram garden without fear of being stuck in traffic. Thanks to the well-experienced and kind staff, AryoBarzan Hotel would give a lot of sense to the guests to choose this decent hotel for the next accommodation. The guests would take the advantages of the amenities inside this hotel which provides them with whatever they want such as outdoor and traditional restaurants, coffee shop, private parking. To coin its unique brand name, AryoBarzan draws attention to the latent needs of the guests to create fabulous memories in their minds. In your free time you could use the billiard table and Foosball as well.

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