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Accommodation Highlights
If you are eager on going back to visit the pure nature of 3 million years ago, you definitely must choose Salar dareh Hotel in Sari. Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests which dates back to Jurassic Period and is known as one of the unique floras in worldwide has placed four star Salar dareh Hotel in its heart. Staying a night in a cozy hotel on the center of lavish nature, breathing pure fresh weather of forest, watching the green moss covered trees and listening to the sound of woodpeckers in the vicinity, along with amenities and facilities to provide a comfort night are the options gathered together in Salar dareh Hotel. While walking in the forest in the neighborhood of the hotel don’t miss the roaring Salar dareh River. Traditional and modern restaurants of the hotel serving local, Iranian and continental yummy dishes with landscape to the forest would fulfill any taste.

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