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Accommodation Highlights
Years ago, during 1960s, a modern, stylish hotel established its luxury service providing and hospitality in the bride of Iranian Cities, Ramsar. Parsian Hotel in Ramsar on the margins of awesme Caspian Sea in northern Iran, is a four star hotel which would definitely be the first option for luxury trips to Ramsar. The perspective of white marble grand mansions of Parsian Hotel in Ramsar in beautiful courtyard, fused in the background of dense thick green forests visualize the image of royal palaces. Enjoying the silent snug atmosphere, breathing fresh oxygen, and listening to the pleasant sound of wavy sea and sea birds would cure and vanish any unpleasant memory. The hotel consists of two main buildings, the first one dates back to 1960, with luxury classic furniture and decoration, displaying a variety of ancient antiques relating to the history of hotel in its early years, while the second building is newer with modern facilities and amenities. While walking in the fabulous boulevard in front of the hotel ornamented with tall palm trees and stylish poles would lead you reach the fabulous sky blue Caspian Sea. If you are going to accommodate in Mazandaran Province, Alaedin suggests you hurry to book Parsian Hotel in Ramsar before it gets occupied!

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