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Accommodation Highlights

International Hotel in Qom is a four star hotel prepared for those guests who want to try the most possible luxurious stay in this city. The first reason that would cause guests to drive to Qom might be the famous Holy Shrine of Fatima Masumeh, the great woman of Islam. Pilgrims and visitors accommodating in Qom International Hotel might need to pass a distance of 10 minutes to reach the Holly Shrine. The 6 story hotel, including 79 rooms, equipped with all facilities as well as modern high tech furniture would bring guests the feeling of royalty. Restaurant and coffee shop serving a variety of Iranian and continental foods are other advantages visitors would find in the hotel. The skilled staff provide a warm atmosphere to make guest’s accommodation more pleasant. Also the amenities of Sauna and Jacuzzi are prepared for those who want to relax during their stay. International Hotel of Qom would bring guests the feeling of satisfaction and convenience as the product of hospitality.        

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