Baba Ali Apartment Hotel in Qom 

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Accommodation Highlights
Each year, the most famous attraction of the second holy city of Iran, Qom, which is the holy shrine of Fatima Masume attracts pilgrims from all around the world. Two star Baba Ali Apartment Hotel in Qom is one of the nearest hotel to the holy shrine making it a proper choice for the guests preferring to stay near the spiritual atmosphere of the shrine. The hotel consists of several apartments equipped with kitchen and cooking utensils suitable for those who would like to follow their own diet and for those who would not, the hotel consists of a restaurant serving different meals with good quality and taste. Comfortable apartments and required facilities and amenities of Baba Ali Apartment Hotel will bring a kind of peaceful and quiet accommodation. Thanks to the parking spaces around the hotel, travelers on their own car have no difficulties finding a place for their vehicles.

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