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Accommodation Highlights
For the travelers who are somehow interested in shopping and patrolling in business centers and this become as one of the goals of their journey, the three star Shahryar Hotel in the beautiful island of Qeshm is one of the best options to enjoy their trip. Due to the location of this hotel that is near the shopping centers, you will be able to buy whatever you like from shopping malls at great prices and excellent quality. The travelers and tourists of Qeshm will have easy access to shopping centers, including two dolphins, Old bazaar of Qeshm and Dargahan, Morvarid Shopping Center and etc. by staying at Shahryar Hotel in Dargahan. Also you will be able to go to the beach with a short walk and enjoy the beauty of the Persian Gulf. The 3-star Shahryar Hotel with 1750 square meters infrastructure was established in 4 floors with private investment in March 2019 and hosts Qeshm tourists and travelers with its experienced staff. This hotel with its eye-catching architecture and modern facilities will make memorable and unforgettable moments for you on the island of Qeshm. The beautiful and peaceful Shahryar Hotel is ready to host you on the beautiful Qeshm Island. Join us on Aladdin Travel tour to Qeshm to visit Qeshm's sights and shopping centers in the Dargahan bazaar. Also you can book your tour, hotel and airline tickets to Qeshm online on Alaedin Travel website or call our experts  on +98 2174495.

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