Helma Hotel in in Mashhad 

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Accommodation Highlights
One the newly built hotel with high quality of services in Mashhad is the three star Helma Hotel which was established in 2015. Like most hotels in this city, the hotel is located on the famous Imam Reza Street. The distance between the holy shrine of Imam Reza and Helma Hotel is only a quarter on foot and this made the hotel as one of the most popular one among travelers. The hotel is one of the best based on the services provided for the guests and their high quality. As well as these mentioned factors, the quality of restaurant and coffee shop attracts the attention of any visitors.  Playing films and music all the time is what make this hotel stand out. Elegant decoration and luxury lobby, spacious and tidy rooms and being near to the tourist attractions of Mashhad such as Mirza Kouchak Khan Park and Goharshad Mosque are all factors causing this hotel to be a good alternative for visitors of the religious capital of Iran.

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