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Accommodation Highlights
In 2019, a luxurious and modern four star hotel called Ratines which is recognized as a landmark in the hospitality industry of Gilan Province was established in the heart of Masal's unique nature in north part of Iran. The name of the Ratines Hotel in Masal is inspired by the name of Talesh officer who played a major role in the formation of the great man of history, Cyrus the Great, and now by naming this hotel, they keep his name alive. The Ratines Hotel in Masal is built in 4 floors with 40 rooms, consisting of double, triple and four-bed rooms. Heating and cooling system, bath, free internet access and parking lot are some of the offering facilities of Ratines Hotel. During your stay in this hotel you can enjoy Iranian and foreign foods and cuisine in the restaurant of the hotel. If you are planning to hold a meeting or ceremony there is also a possibility to host your celebrations at Ratiens Hotel Hall. This dreamy hotel is not far from the sights of Masal such as Masal Lodge and the Alenzeh Plain and within a short time you can reach there. This 4-star Hotel is located 4 km from Masal to Shanderman Boulevard. If you would like to book Masal hotels, contact Alaedin Travel hotel booking section and make your reservation in the shortest possible time. To experience a memorable journey in Gilan Province join us on Alaedin Travel Guilan Tour. Visit us on www.alaedin.travel 

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