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Accommodation Highlights
Recently established five star Toranj Hotel is located in the shiniest Iran’s island, golden Kish. Incredibly-decorated Toranj Hotel includes two different segments, one situated on the shore of the Persian Gulf while another one has been constructed on the top of sea level in form of cozy rustic wooden cottages with glassy surface to enjoy watching sea life, delivering a pleasant and peaceful sense to the travelers. By stretching around 1000 square meters on the most quite part of Persian Gulf, Toranj Hotel’s perspective brings an Iranian style figure in minds of culture-lover travelers. 100 villas and 5 VIP suites has been particularly designed for different nationalities. Staying in a mesmerizing atmosphere, luxurious and simultaneously unpretentious, feeds dreamy tourists’ souls. It is not necessary to be mentioned that guests’ respected expectations would be fulfilled by the best amenities and services which travelers might find in Kish Island. The hotel I highly recommended by those who experienced it.

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