Sana Ecolodge in Kashan 

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Accommodation Highlights
If you are going to travel to Kashan and you are interested in ancient traditions and architecture, Sana eco lodge will be the best choice for you, because it gives you the peace and quiet with its magnificent yard and its beautiful building. At nights, you can sit near the turquoise small pool which is located in the yard and look at the stars in the sky and drink tasteful tea. Yu can also look at the mind-blowing yard from behind the colorful sashes inside the rooms. The lightning make the sun flashes the rooms from colorful windows. It also makes the decorated rooms with handy crafts look more beautiful. Sana eco lodge in Kashan is located in the old part of the city in Agha Bozorg mosque alley. You have no problem getting access to some historical houses like Tabataeeha house, Ameriha house, Boroujrdiha house and Abbasian. There are some other tourist attractions near this lodge such as Soltan Mirahmad HammaM, Aminodoleh bazaar, etc. 
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