Prestige Reyhan Hotel in Isfahan 

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Accommodation Highlights
These days, with the development of travel and tourism and the need for travelers to stay in luxury and fashionable hotels, hotel industry in Isfahan province has grown and many people have started to build luxurious hotels in this province. Meanwhile, Prestige Reyhan Hotel in the heart of the huge City Center is one of the best hotels in Isfahan and is still under construction. Prestige Reyhan Hotel was built according to standard designs in 29 luxurious and stylish floors. Prestige Reyhan Hotel in Isfahan, with a beautiful view of the Sefeh Mountain and Shah Kuh, will provide a memorable stay for the guests. The convenient location and easy access of the four-star Prestige Reyhan Hotel in Isfahan to the General Administration of Customs, Shahid Ashrafi University and the Isfahan Railway Station, will be another advantage of staying in this complex in the near future. In this luxurious hotel you can create dreamy moments in the city of Isfahan which is famous as half of the world for yourself and your companions and spend memorable moments and nights in this historical city. Keep in touch with Alaedin Travel to book Prestige Reyhan Hotel in Isfahan in the near future. Call on +98 2174495

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