Shadi Hotel in Hawraman 

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Accommodation Highlights
If you are seeking a travel to a place with rich culture and pristine nature, Shadi Hotel in Hawraman will fulfil your demand.  The hotel is located in the eastern part of Iran near the border of Iran and Iraq. Three star Shadi Hotel was established in 2004 and was renovated for providing better services in 2015. The architecture of the hotel is in the shape of stairs and it consists of 3 floors with 20 accommodation units. Rooms are double, triple and quad so that guests can choose based on their numbers and needs. Tidy convenient rooms are equipped with many facilities like bath, toilet, split and LCD TV. Interacting with local people gives you a sense of sincerity. You can also enjoy the unique nature in different seasons. Pleasant fresh air with a view of mountain creates a different atmosphere that make your stay more enjoyable. Travel to this village and staying at Shadi Hotel without a doubt make memorable moments for you.   

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