Tourist Hotel in Golpayegan 

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Accommodation Highlights
Tourist Hotel in Golpayegan with its unique traditional architecture is a connecting point among cities of Khvansar, Khoy, Mahallat and Delijan, each having numerous natural and historical attractions so the hotel is considered as a nice choice for accommodation. The two star hotel was constructed in 1973 and got renovated in 2005 to provide better and updated facilities. Restaurant of the Tourist Hotel serves qualified cuisines in a friendly atmosphere. Rooms are fully furnished and equipped at this hotel so the guests could feel comfortable while they are indoor. Golpayegan Dam, Arg-e Googed and Jame Mosque are the places you can enjoy visiting when you are at this hotel. Experienced attentive staff of the hotel are constantly doing their best to provide a pleasant hospitality service which makes an unforgettable accommodation for the travelers. Alaedin Travels highly recommend this hotel for the history lovers due to its traditional structure with a matchless theme.

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