Ferdows Hotel in Chabahar 

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Accommodation Highlights
Ferdows Hotel is a beautiful and modern four star hotel in the central part of the free zone in Chabahar. The hotel is newly built and was established in 2016. Tidy spacious Ferdows Hotel has 2 floors and 73 residential units ranging from single, double, triple and quad rooms you could choose based on your requirements. The hotel is located near to the beach and by a 10 minute walk you can enjoy the eye catching Sea of Oman. One of the advantages of this hotel is the snorkeling school which you can have discount on using if you declare in advance. For getting relieved you can use the spa salon of the hotel and spend some quality time there. Kids will love Ferdows Hotel because of its playing room. The hotel has a traditional outdoor tea house where respected guests could have local herbal drinks. The hotel is located half an hour away from the airport and by choosing this hotel you could use the free transfer.

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