Apadana Hotel in Bandar Abbas 

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Accommodation Highlights
With a short distance from coastline, Apadana Hotel is a two star hotel in Bandar Abbas which was stablished in 2012 and provides 49 accommodational units in 7 floors for travelers of this city. What makes this hotel more special than other hotels is its geographical location. Staying at this hotel gives an easy access to city centers, shopping malls, hospitals, airport, train station, restaurants and coffee shops. Spacious and well-decorated rooms take your attention as you step inside the rooms. This hotel with an eye-catching view in a delightful area provides comfortable facilities for dear guests. Parking lot, taxi service, coffee shop and laundry service are some but not all the facilities of this two star hotel. The coffee shop inside the hotel is a cozy comfortable place where you can enjoy your time and relax. Guests at this hotel have internet access in their rooms during their visit. Experienced friendly staff help you have a comfortable accommodation as well.

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