Year of construction Susa Museum in Shush: 1964 Historical period Susa Museum in Shush: Pahlavi dynasty Attraction category: Cultural Attractions Attraction type: Museum Entry price Susa Museum in Shush for Iranian: Entry price Susa Museum in Shush for non-Iranians: Hour of visit Susa Museum in Shush: 09:00 to 17:00 Attarction accountability phone: Address Susa Museum in Shush:

Susa Museum is one of the most spectacular places in Susa that attracts many tourists every year. The museum is as big as 550 square meters, built in an area of 14,635 square meters. It is located on the side of the ancient Susa Castle and facing the monument of Daniel the Prophet. This museum is one of the most important museums of ancient Iranian art and has two large halls which feature valuable works of various historical periods. These works consist of sculptures and artifacts from Masjed Soleiman and Apadana, statues of gods and clay wall decorations. Also some of the statues and artifacts are inside the glass compartments for public visiting inside the courtyard of Susa Museum. Nowadays, the museum is open to visitors in the presence of different objects from the 5th millennium BC to the Qajar era. Indeed Susa Museum can be considered as one of the most prominent places in Khuzestan Province because it is a treasure from many years of civilization. You can drink coffee in the lovely garden, sit near the fountain and imagine you are in paradise. Our suggestion is to use Alaedin Travel Iran tours to take full advantages of all the facilities. The tour guides are extremely friendly and welcoming that you will enjoy a nice ambience. We do our best to create a comfortable atmosphere for our customers.