Iranshahr Hotel in Tehran 

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Accommodation Highlights
Three star Iranshahr Hotel is one of the experienced and well known hotel among others in Tehran. The hotel was with the name of Lozan and in 2013 it has got renovation in both architecture and name. The hotel has 50 residential units with modern furniture and beautiful decoration bringing the guests ease and comfort. If you are a local food and Iranian traditional style lover, Kashkool restaurant is there to provide you these. A cozy coffee shop in Iranshahr Hotel is where you can gain relaxation again by having a delicious drink and a dessert. Accommodating at this hotel you have easy access to official part of the city as well as the attractions such as Treasury of National Jewels, Abgineh Museum, Masoudieh Mansion, Golestan Palace and Grand Bazaar of Tehran. The hotel is also near to the airport and train station, thus, you do not have to worry about the time.

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