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Accommodation Highlights
Tourist Hotel in Shiraz, belonging to Tourist chain hotels of Iran is a three star hotel located in north eastern part of Shiraz. There is a pretty easy access to historical attractions of Shiraz from the hotel. The fundamental renovations, done a short time ago have changed it to a convenient and updated hotel. Tourist Hotel is designed and furnished in a way that it brings a kind of friendly atmosphere. Moreover, the coloring of the residential units is warm too. Its elegant green land in the courtyard is the first thing tourists would be attracted to. The both types of double rooms and villa suites in the hotel help travelers to choose what they need. All units are tidy and well organized you never regret accommodating in. Also playground prepared for children makes it a good choice for family-oriented vacationers. Last but not least. The hotel has a cozy outdoor restaurant where you can have your meal while breathing the fresh air.

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