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Accommodation Highlights
The group of Tourist Hotel has always paid great attention to the geographical location of its hotels. Shahrud Tourist Hotel had also the same policy. Being located at the heart of the National Park of Shahrud is one of the advantages of this two star hotel in Semnan Province. The most important pros of the Tourist Hotel could be its location which is between two different climates of the north and south. The mild and humid weather condition in the north and the vast desert in the south cause this city to have good weather condition. One of the most eye catching attraction of the city is Abr Jungle in where there are a lot of visitors every time of the year. Mojen Waterfall, Shahvar Mountain and Tulip gardens hosts nature lovers in all seasons from all around the world. By choosing Tourist Hotel you have no worries over your accommodation and food. Being in the middle of Tehran – Mashhad Route cause many travelers traveling by their own car to choose this hotel.

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