Tourist Traditional Hotel in Nain 

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Accommodation Highlights
Tourist Traditional Hotel has been settled in a historical city in Isfahan Province, Nain. Two star Tourist Hotel in Nain is proper for guests to spend a night in Nain city for visiting its ancient and historical monuments. The two star hotel was built in 1969 and has got a renovation in 2012 for providing better hospitality services. The hotel has gotten a traditional theme to make travelers to feel Iranian traditional life style. The adobe walls and beautiful nature of the courtyards cause a calm and cozy night for the travelers. Also it is possible to enjoy its traditional restaurant, coffee shop and green land in the courtyard. Locating at the center of the city, desirable services and facilities and short distance to the historical attractions are the factors which makes this hotel a nice choice. Helpful hardworking staff of the hotel do their best to present the guests with an unforgettable accommodation. 

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