Darbe Bagh Hotel in Kashan 

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Accommodation Highlights
Four star Darbe Bagh Hotel is a newly established hotel in Kashan which is originally a temporary building dated back to early Pahlavi Dynasty. The courtyard named Godal Baghche is surrounded by the mansion with a rectangle blue traditional pool. A large terrace which is named Hoz Khane has gotten a small octagonal pool splashing water and is connected to the larger main pool in center of courtyard. Darbe Bagh Tradition Hotel is built in a single story house with five separate rooms designed to bring comfort.  Moreover, the coffee shop of the hotel is located on the roof providing eye-catching scenes in the neighborhood. The hotel's restaurant also serves qualified mouthwatering cuisines for the guests to make them fell at home. Warm hospitality and experienced staff are the additional advantages in Darbe Bagh Hotel. It is necessary to mention that this hotel has stairway so the guests have to walk up them.

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