Emad Nezam Traditional Hotel in Ferdows 

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Accommodation Highlights
Emad Nezam Traditional Hotel in a three star hotel located in the heart of desert in beautiful Ferdows. The hotel has a traditional theme making the guests soak in the culture and history of Iran. It is in 2 floors with 26 rooms in different arrangements. Although the rooms are traditional, they have enough facilities and amenities that make your accommodation comfortable. The hotel is the only traditional hotel in eastern part of Iran. Geographically located in a good place, Emad Nezam Traditional Hotel is way too close to the Ferdows Hot Water Spring. The restaurant located in the hotel is a proper choice for having a meal in a nostalgic atmosphere, while the arched ceiling will add to it. To make it more appealing, there is Hafez Traditional restaurant where you can taste Iranian local food with Iranian local theme. A cozy coffee shop is a place to get relieved from the hectic daily life.

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