Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas 

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Accommodation Highlights
Eyes-catching view to shining Persian Gulf and dazzling mixture of blue sea and green garden, Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas glimmers like a star.  The first and the best, five star Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas is a modern hotel which offers 177 rooms and suites, refurnished to the high level of standardization and tries to bring comfort and relaxation to the guests. Geographically located, Homa Hotel in Bandar Abbas has good accessibility to Qeshm and Hormoz Island as well as Minab to bring excellent opportunity for tourists to visit attractions of neighbor cities. What tremendous useful services Homa Hotel provides for its guests! 24/7 Morvarid restaurant, 24/7 coffee shop, private parking, conference hall, wireless internet, 24 hour room service, bank, shopping center and other facilities, also sea food restaurant and coffee shop besides the outdoor swimming pool which help vacationers to have absolute tranquility. Facing with approachable experienced staff smiling on the guests along with contiguous to stunning Persian Gulf, Bandar Abbas Homa Hotel could be the best choice and an unforgettable memory of staying for its guests.

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