Almas Hotel in Anzali 

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Accommodation Highlights
Almas Hotel in Anzali is a newly established hotel in Northern part of Iran which is categorized at coastal hotel due to its location. Three star Almas (meaning diamond in Farsi) Hotel is shining like a little but precious diamond on the margins of precious Caspian Sea. The convenient amenities in the hotel along with pleasant fresh weather and beautiful landscape in the neighborhood would make your trip as a relaxing one you would never forget. The architecture and decoration of the inner side and courtyard have got special styles which might conjure guests and make them meet their expectations. The rooms are all clean and comfortable so you would enjoy your stay. Restaurant of the hotel could be considered as a good choice for having your meal. Internet access is available both inside the rooms and the lobby. Its close access gives the opportunity to reach the airport in a short period of time.

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